The NPA auction is the market leader in online sales of motorcycles and sports equipment for sports and recreation.

The company began its operations in 1990, founded by dealers and created for dealers. In 2017, the NPA auction was acquired by the Copart group of companies.

About 700,000 new motorcycles and sports equipment are sold every year in the USA. If we are talking about motorcycles and sports equipment with mileage, then this figure can easily be multiplied by 3, as we understand that about 2 million motorcycles and other equipment for active recreation are sold in the USA every year.

Statistics show that about 10 million motorcycles are currently used in the US. This makes the US market the largest market for used motorcycles. NPA auctions are one of the most profitable ways to buy a used motorcycle.

Every month, auctions take place in San Diego, Philadelphia, Madison, Dallas, Cincinnati and Atlanta.