Today, ADESA has 61 auction sites in the United States. However, they are not only a place for the resale of used cars. The company owns a group of companies including: Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA), Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC), Automotive Finance Consumer Division (AFCD), PAR North America (PAR ), AutoVIN and Dent Demon.

In total, these 306 additional auctions serve the market for damaged cars and credit organizations. In a word, ADESA is a group of 6 companies that allows customers to get the maximum range of services in both buying and financing car deals. ADESA has about 11,000 employees. More than 8,700 of them work in offices located in the United States and Mexico. The headquarters is located in Carmel, Indiana.

The ADESA auction system is similar to the Manheim auction. The description of the condition of the car, the detail of any damage, and trading along the lines will allow you to easily navigate when buying a car. Also available at ADESA, is a system of buying a car at a fixed price with the "Buy Now" option.

According to a combination of factors, Adesa is the second largest auction of whole cars in the USA after Manheim. A similar five-point rating system allows you to get the maximum amount of information about the condition of the car before bidding.

If you want to purchase a whole car (not an emergency car), then we can safely recommend a purchase from this auction.