Enter the vehicle details and your contacts
We will find a suitable car that fits your needs and then an employee will contact you.
The Adesa Auctioin is the largest auction of undamaged cars
The Pipeline Auction is the largest auction of undamaged cars
The Korea Auctioin is the largest auction of undamaged cars
7 simple steps for buying a car

This purchasing plan is based on observing the optimal purchasing conditions and delivery of your purchased vehicles.

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Calculation of the total cost
Auction location
Destination ZIP Code
Auction price
Manheim Auction Fee
Transportation to United States
please call
Container insurance (1.2%)
TOTAL COST at United States
The lowest prices on the market and no hidden commission.
The company has a flat commission for services starting at $145, three times lower than our competitors. This is achieved due to the large number of sales and maximum automation of processes at all stages of delivery. Full control of the purchase, transportation to the port, ocean shipping, no intermediaries.
More affordable than buying a car at your local market.
On average, buying a machine from a US auction will save you 20-40% when compared to the prices on the local market. Use the calculator on our site to confirm.
Bidding in real time on the company’s site
We offer our clients the ability to buy their chosen car in real time from their home or office.
You’ll have full control over the bidding like you’ve never seen before.
Free access to the auctions MANHEIM, ADESA, COPART, IAAI, PIPELINE, NPA and more.
CAROMOTO offers full access to observing and bidding on all the main auctions in the US and Canada that see more than 350,000 cars, motorcycles, sports and water vehicles, and construction vehicles a week. There is free account registration at the auctions for experienced clients.
Full online control over your car on its way (in real time)
The client’s unique, multi-functional personal account lets him control his purchase and car delivery according to 15 different parameters. This lets him make his purchase as easy and safe as possible, and most importantly, as informative as possible.
Free Autocheck
We offer our clients the option to check any car’s history using the AUTOCHECK system for FREE.

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Deposit is 100% fully refundable
We give a 100% warranty for a deposit refund if the car isn’t purchased or if you changed your mind on buying the car. Every purchase has a contract attached that guarantees the delivery of your purchased car.
Verifying each car
Every car bought by our clients goes through a verification process for any accidents, theft, fraud, pawning, authentic odometer, and a history of previous purchases at auctions.
Additional technical verification
When buying at the Manheim, Adesa, Copart, and IAAI auctions, we offer a detailed car inspection before buying from the companiesAIM who are the leaders in the US market. See an example of inspection.
An official dealer in the U.S.
Our company is a member of the Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association (WSIADA).
As well as a member of the Federal Association of Independent Dealers in the United States.
WSIADA logo NIADA logo
Odometer guarantee
Odometer tampering is a federal crime in the US. This gives our clients an additional guarantee in the odometer when buying a car or motorcycle from a US auction.
24/7 support
Our company's support service is available 24/7. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions. We control the delivery of your car from the moment of purchase to its moment it's handed over to you.




    After your purchase, our employees organize your car’s transport to a US port. The delivery time to the port depends on the auction’s location.


    We use 10 ports to ship purchased vehicles from the US ports in New York, Savannah, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and from Montreal and Toronto in Canada.


    Uploading the container, and preparing the documents to pass the transport custom.

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cars sold
cars delivered
registered clients
Have a question? We’ve got answers.
Registration with the subsequent transferring of refundable deposit will allow you to purchase vehicles at closed auctions with help of our licensed company.
Registration is required to obtain full access to all sections of the site to access personal account and other options closed to unregistered users.
All personal data received from our customers is only for cash transactions and customer paperwork when sending the purchased vehicles from the port in the United States. All personal data is stored on a secure server and the information can not be passed, or used for purposes other than those stated above.
When you register, you will not need to provide any documents to prove identity.
Only after the purchase of machinery, you will need to download a copy of your passport or other document proving your identity.
Typically, a letter of confirmation of registration comes within 5 minutes after registering. If it does not come, most likely you have made a mistake entering your email address.
To resolve this problem, contact our support department with a request to verify your registration data. If you do not want to wait, you can try registering again, paying attention to the correct spelling of your email address.
Your Bidding Limit is the maximum you're able to bid at any given time. It also dictates how many vehicle auctions you can bid on at a time. Your Bidding Limit is determined by your security deposit. Add deposit.
If you want to buy a car or other vehicles through Caromoto, you will need to pay 100% of a refundable deposit. Without a deposit we cannot provide you with a full range of services for the purchase and shipping.
Deposit guarantees payment of purchased vehicles and will be added to your balance at the time of purchase. Make a deposit.
When buying a vehicle (car, cycle, etc.), the deposit is 10% of the value of the vehicle in the auction, ie from your maximum bid at auction.
If you intend to buy a vehicle at a fixed price, the deposit is 10% of that price.
There are three ways to make a deposit:
* Credit / Debit cards,
* PayPal,
* Wire transfer.
To select any of the three variants of the deposit, go to your account, in the Payment section.
After transferring a minimum deposit of $500 you can buy only one vehicle.
If you'd like to bid on more than one car at a time, you'll need to pay an additional $500 (minimum) refundable security deposit for each vehicle you'd like to bid on.
Refund of the deposit is provided if the following:
* the client did not use the services of the company,
* client did not place bids on a vehicle at the time of the request to return the deposit,
* the client has no outstanding balance.
In case of vehicles that have already been purchased, the deposit is held until full payment according to invoice.
Subject to the above conditions, a refund can be ordered through your personal account Customer Balance section, or by writing an email requesting the refund to our email address sales@caromoto.com.
Deposit is returned in the same manner and to the same bank account from which it has been obtained.
Any financial institution "Bank" during a money transfer transaction imposes a fee for this operation.
The amount of fee can be different for different banks, so you need to consider the fee when making a bank transfer (deposit).
After transferring funds to the account of CAROMOTO, our bank also charges fee for placement of funds (about $10). Consequently the amount credited to the customer's balance may be slightly less than the amount which client transferred.
All deposits made to the account of CAROMOTO are 100% refundable.
CAROMOTO does not hold any fees for return of deposit. Refunds will be the same amount that was paid to the company's bank account.
Keep in mind that banks may charge a fee for transferring funds, thus you can get back less than the original deposit amount.
In case a customer does not pay the full amount within 7 business days, the deposit will be kept to cover the cost of the purchase of the vehicle for resale.
Our company has official dealer registration on these auctions:
You can also buy through our company any vehicles on sites CARS, AUTOTRADER, as well as on dealer sites.
In agreement with the client, we can purchase any equipment from any source or from a private individual in the United States.
Each auction charges a fee from the seller and the buyer, the average auction fee depends on the value of the car and is about $200 to $500.
Auctions also may charge additional fees for placing bids via the internet from $50 to $75 and may charge additional taxes and charges.
The price of the car is up toFee Manheim
$5500 $260
More $9500$500
The purchase of vehicles at dealer's auction is a guaranteed way of purchasing vehicles. The auction system is constructed in such a way as to facilitate and accelerate the process of buying and paperwork for purchased vehicles. The whole process of buying a car at auction is fully explained and is subject to certain rules.
Auction always inspects equipment and is responsible in case of serious discrepancies as claimed.
Buying vehicles from auctions allows to protect you from many unpleasant moments that often arise when buying it from hands.
Once the vehicle is sold and bidding is finished it is not possible to return it to the auction except in one case: if after buying the customer has ordered a PSI (Post Sale Inspection) and as a result of this inspection discovers serious flaws. In this case, according to the rules of the auction, vehicles can be returned to the auction.
PSI (Post Sale Inspection) is an inspection of the vehicle after the sale. It can be ordered at the auction on the day of purchase to check for possible damages or flaws to the vehicle, which were not observed in the pre-inspection of the car.
The auctions will provide you a list of damages detected during PSI which can be repaired at auction or you can return the vehicle to the auction. Auctions give a 7 -14 day warranty for PSI inspection.
The average price of a PSI inspection ranges from $70 to $180. If the vehicle has been already checked, auctions usually do not send the PSI details to a dealer. The auction contacts the dealer only in case of damage detection during PSI.
AS-IS is designated (as is) meaning that the vehicle sold at auction is in the same condition in which it is discovered at the auction, and no further claims of its condition are warranted.
Yes it can happen, but very rarely. First of all, people working in the auctions are suibject to human errors. They may miss some defects. To avoid such errors it is recommended that you use a control system AUTOCHECK and post sale inspection PSI (Post Sale Inspection).
Yes you can.
Please note that in the absence of registration of the vehicle, we can pick it up and transport it to the port of shipment. Vehicle will be stored in the port until it has received registration from the auction. According to the auction rules, the auction has 45 days to send registration to the buyer.
During this time, the vehicle will not be able to pass through customs and will be kept at the port. This may affect the delivery date.
There are companies which can make a detailed independent inspection of the vehicles for a fixed fee ($129-$139).
A sample report can be seen here.
To order this service, you can contact our staff by email (support@caromoto.com).
You need to specify a maximum amount of U.S. dollars you are willing to pay for this lot. Bid must be equal to $100.
You can edit and check the status of your bids in your personal account, Bids section.
Bids will not be accepted less than 1 hour before the start of the auction.
If you want to buy a vehicle which you found outside of the auction, then you will need to use a special form, ORDER section.
You must specify the name of the vehicle, Year, Mileage, VIN number, a link to the resource where the vehicle is located, and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle selected.
Employees will contact the seller as soon as possible and they will inform you about the possibility of buying your vehicle.
In fact, for us it doesn't matter where you buy your car, the main thing is that the vehicle has all the necessary documents and is not under security interest or is stolen.
All bets are placed prior to the auction bidding.
You can change your bid, see BIDS no later than 1 hour before the start of trading.
You can not increase the bid during the auction.
Immediately after the bidding at the auction, you can check the result of bids in your account, see BIDS, you will also receive an email about the outcome of your bid.
Go to your personal account, Bids section, and use the button “cancel bids”.
Bids can only be canceled prior to the auction.
Look carefully at the start of bidding on the auction, if bidding on vehicles is finished, bids can not be canceled.
You can make any number of bids until the moment it is won.
Place bids on the basis of actual cost of the vehicle.
CAROMOTO Company reserves the right to not place a bid on the vehicle, if the company thinks it is underestimated.
You can bid on any vehicle which is for sale.
Please note that the purchase of the vehicle without photos and description of the state is risky, as the car may be in poor condition and sold AS-IS. After purchasing the vehicle it is impossible to return it to the auction.
Most auctions start trading at EST - Eastern Standard Time UTC - 5 hours, this time is in New York.
It also starts in the following time zones:
CST - Central Standard Time UTC - 6 hours
MST - Mountain Standard Time UTC - 7 hours
PST - Pacific Standard Time UTC - 8 hours
Use the link to Auction Statistics section on the main page of our website for information on cars sold at auction MANHEIM over the past few months.
You can choose year, make, model, modification, vehicle mileage and get information for how much the cars were sold at this auction. Based on that information, you can find out the approximate price of the car at the end of the auction.
If the vehicle is bought at an auction, you must pay the final price at the auction, an auction fee, dealer fee of CAROMOTO starting at $145, U.S. shipping cost, shipping cost by sea, postage of documents by mail and others costs if they have been made.
When buying a car out of auction, CAROMOTO's fee is $345.
When buying construction equipment and special machinery, CAROMOTO’s fee will be $395 plus U.S. postage which may be more expensive due to the size of the equipment.
When placing bids in the auction all vehicles are being purchased by CAROMOTO which has a dealer license. Afterwards, the vehicle is sold to the customer according to the invoice.
You can only purchase a vehicle by making a bank transfer to a bank account of the CAROMOTO company, payment is made in U.S. dollars.
Payment will be made based on the invoice which is sent to the client immediately after buying the car. Your invoice can be downloaded from your personal account, Balance or My Cars section.
Payment for purchased vehicles should be in the account of CAROMOTO within 2 (two) business days after the auction has ended according to local time (Eastern Time).
For example, if you bought vehicles on Monday the 10th, payment must be received in our account by the end of Wednesday, the 12th.
In cases of not making the payment to the CAROMOTO company, you will be charged $25 for each day of delay after the third business day from the date of purchase.
In a personal account in the Balance section you can view all the transactions made between a client and CAROMOTO.
When making a money transfer you will be sent notifications by email.
If your payment has not been shown on your balance, please send us a copy of the bank transfer for verification to our email address (support@caromoto.com).
Our company is a licensed dealer in the U.S., so all the equipment is purchased by our company.
Payment for the purchased vehicle is made to auctions by our company, so we need to get payment from you for the purchase of vehicles.
If your bid is not succesful, you will not have to pay anything.
You can continue to place bids until your bid wins.
When making a bank transfer, you must specify the number of the invoice, as well as the last 6 digits of VIN code of the purchased vehicle.
You also need to send us a copy of the bank transfer by email to (support@caromoto.com).
It is necessary for a successful deposit to your balance.
Very often, international transfers go through intermediate banks which charge an additional fee for the transaction, which is deducted from the amount transferred.
Since we need to receive the full amount stated in the invoice, you have to specify that all bank charges must be paid by the sender.
All purchased vehicles are transported within the U.S. only on transporter trucks.
Transportation is made by transport companies which are licensed and have many years of experience in the field of land transport.
All carriers of the equipment within the U.S. have cargo insurance. The carrier shall be directly responsible for damage caused during transportation.
Delivery of vehicles in the container by sea is made by major ocean carriers on container ships. Upon your request we can also send your vehicle not in the container, but inside of the ship's deck (Ro-Ro), if such method exists at direction.
For more information, see SHEEPING
The sea freight companies carrying containers bear limited liability for loss. To avoid problems arising in the event of loss we advise you to insure the transportation of your purchased vehicles.
The CAROMOTO company is not responsible for the car during transportation.
If the buyer is located outside the United States, then you can not pick up the purchased vehicle(s) from the auction yourself. Since all equipment when puchased is registered on CAROMOTO, we must be sure that the vehicles do not remain in the United States, and have departed for export.
You can insure the purchased vehicle on the maritime shipping at a rate of 1.1% of partial damage and 0.85% of the total loss of cargo. Insurance interest is charged on the total amount of the invoice.
Non-refundable amount of damage is $500.
For insurance purposes you need to immediately send a request after making a purchase to insure the vehicle, indicating the VIN number and rate at which you want to make insurance.
In your personal account in My Cars section you can get information on the stages of the delivery of your vehicle.
There is also information about the carrier by sea, the container number and the estimated date of arrival of containers at the port of destination.
Knowing the number of the container, you can use this site to track the exact location of the container. http://www.searates.com/container/tracking/
If you are going to leave the purchased vehicle in the United States, we can sell it to you only if you have a dealer’s license.
Otherwise, all vehicles must be exported.
Shipping within U.S.: depends on the distance between port and auction, density of traffic, and the condition of the purchased vehicle. Damaged vehicles can affect both the price of delivery and time of delivery.
Shipment of vehicles at the port ranges from 2 to 10 days.
Delivery by sea: depends on the direction, on the number of equipment and on timetables of ships.
According to major destinations in Europe the delivery is about 15-20 days. Once the vehicle is loaded in the container, you will be able to track the time of delivery to the port of destination, using the number of the container.
Once purchased your vehicle will be loaded in a container and provided with all necessary documents. We will notify you by e-mail with contact details of the agent at the port of destination, who will receive your container and register it.
Also, you can find information about the company's agents in major ports in the Documents section.
All vehicles are photographed and described before loading in the container at the port of departure.
In case of finding other minor damages not listed in the inventory during the loading of the car you will need to contact the agent who met and unloaded your car with the request to compensate for the damages caused.
If the car was severely damaged, you should contact the staff of the company CAROMOTO for further instructions on the insurance case.
Company agents are autonomous entities with their own quotation on registration of vehicles during unloading of the container.
Companiy agents fees may vary in different ports.
You need to find out the cost yourself using the contact information that we will provide for you.
We can send the purchased vehicles anywhere in the world.
Use the calculator to find out the country and its cost.
If your country is not listed, you can request a quote by e-mail from our company's employees.
There are two basic ways to deliver machinery:
Delivery in a standard 40-feet container, usually 3 cars can be loaded.
Ro-Ro (Roll on, Roll off) on internal decks of ships.
For more information about delivery visit the HOW TO BUY section.
All vehicles and other equipment purchased are sent by two main ports:
* New Jersey on the East coast of the U.S.
* Los Angeles on the West Coast.
When sending vehicles purchased by sea the following documents are issued: Title, Bill of Sale, Bill of Lading.
All documents above will be sent to you by courier as soon as equipment passes customs at the port of departure in the United States.
A copy of the bill of lading can be downloaded in My Cars/Documents.
To send the purchased vehicle by sea, we must provide the following documents:
* Certificate of registration (TITLE)
* Sale and Purchase Agreement (Bill of Sale)
* Invoice
All of the above documents we give to an agent at the port of shipment. Then the agent books a space on a ship, issues the bill of lading and carries out the customs clearance.
Upon completion of customs clearance, we will send all the documents by express mail service.
All documents are sent to the client once the customs are cleared in the U.S. port. We only send documents by courier service and provide you with a tracking number so that you can track the parcel yourself.
Normal delivery time ranges from 5 to 10 days, depending on the customer location.
You need to provide your company's data and tell us your intentions by email (support@caromoto.com):
The data provided will be stated in the Invoice and in the Bill of Lading.
All information about cars on the auctions is presented on our website - it is the official information.
To check the authenticity of the information on exhibiting cars you can use the VIN number of the car and the system CARFAX.
Our company is officially registered on auctions and provides only official information about bidding and lots presented on the auctions in the United States.
If you want to buy a vehicle, which you found yourself on the internet, then you can select ORDER in your personal account to get a special application.
You must specify the name of the vehicle, year, mileage, VIN number, a link to the resource, where the vehicle is located and the amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle selected.
Employees of the company will contact the seller as soon as possible and will inform you about the possibility of buying the vehicle.
In fact, for us it does not matter where you buy a car, because the main thing for us is that a car has all the necessary documents, does not have a security interest and has not been stolen.
There are independent companies that can make a detailed and professional vehicle inspection before buying it for fixed rates ($100-$500)
We use the services of https://homepage.aiminspections.com/.
You can download an example report by following the link.
Inspections of the vehicle are made according to 155 points, with an additional test drive.
When you buy a vehicle outside the auction, this service is the most important.
Orders must be done at least 1 day prior to the date of purchase of the chosen vehicles.
To order this service you need to go to your personal account, under ORDER section select "Order paid inspection".
Or you can use this service by registering online https://homepage.aiminspections.com/