Complete the registration procedure to get full access to all sections of the site and the auction. Your registration data will be used for ID verification, vehicle paperwork and for sending documents by mail.
Registration allows you to get extended access to the search resources of the site.


To start purchasing and placing bets you need to make a 100% refundable deposit. When buying one vehicle, the deposit amount is 10% of the cost, but not less than $600. When buying two or more vehicles, a deposit must be made for each vehicle.
You can return the deposit at any time, provided you do not have any unpaid purchases.
A deposit is also a guarantee of payment for purchases and will be fully accounted at the moment of payment for the full cost of the purchase.
You can use any of the three options for making a deposit:

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Use our unique auction search engine to find vehicles. At the moment, we provide our customers with the widest auction search of any company existing on the market. You can use the search for a undamage car and search for an salvage car at the two largest insurance auctions IAA and Copart. In addition, each Caromoto client gets access to an AutoCheck history report for each vehicle. This report offers detailed information about the owners, mileage, accidents, or any other damage reported in the US or Canada.
If you do not have time to look for a car yourself, then entrust this process to our professional staff. They will select the best car based on your requirements and your budget. You will only have to make a purchase decision. ORDER on the selection of the car, you can fill in the main page.

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Use the auction search engine to select vehicles and the appropriate lot. Go to the car card and press the "MAKE BID" button, then specify the maximum amount in US dollars you're ready to pay for the car.
When placing a bid, use Auction Sales Statistics to determine a more accurate maximum bid amount.
You can check and change the status of your bid from your account, in the BIDS section.
Immediately after the auction, you can check the results from a "MY ACCOUNT" in the "BIDS" section. You will also receive an e-mail about the outcome of your bid.
To purchase vehicles outside the auction, use the special form on the ORDER home page, where you specify Make, Model, Year, a direct Internet link for the vehicle, as well as your maximum amount that you are ready to pay. Our staff will verify the data, contact the seller and after confirming the purchase, will send you an email.

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After receiving confirmation of your winning bid at auction, you will receive an invoice and instruction on bank transfer to complete your purchase. The invoice includes the cost of the car at the auction, the auction fee, transportation from the auction to the port or domestic desitination, ocean shipping (freight) and any applicable document shipping fees.
Payment for the purchased car must be credited to the bank account of CAROMOTO within 2 (two) business days after the end of the auction.
All necessary amounts for payment, as well as received payments, are indicated in the client’s personal account in the BALANCE section.
When buying a car through an agent of the company, the additional costs of customs payments, broker and forwarder services are placed by the agent in a separate invoice. Payment on the invoice of the agent is made after the arrival of the purchased car at the port of destination, within 2 (two) business days.

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We will deliver the purchased vehicle to the port, issue all the necessary documents, and send it to the destination you specified.
After receiving full payment, we organize the transportation of your vehicle to the US port (or domestic destination, if US resident). Delivery time is from 2 to 10 days, depending on the location of the vehicle.
To ship the car by sea, we use the services of leading freight companies, which gives us the opportunity to offer low-cost ocean shipping and to ensure rapid consolidation of cargo in different directions.
At the moment we use 5 main ports for sending purchased vehicles: the ports of Newark, Los Angeles, Savannah, Houston and Chicago. There is a period of free storage at an in-port warehouse for 30 days, during which you must provide us with all information for shipping. After shipping the vehicle, we will add copies of the Technical Passport (Title and Bill Of Lading) documents to your personal account, found in MY CARS/DOCUMENTS. Original documents will be sent to the postal address you specified during registration.
You can follow all stages of delivery of the purchased vehicle in your personal account, found in MY CARS.

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We will deliver the purchased vehicle to your home! CAROMOTO has offices in other countries that will be happy to assist you with unloading and customs clearance. Also, our offices will help you prepare documents for registration of the car. The calculator heading displays the final price of your vehicle, including shipping costs, customs clearance and home delivery.