The world's largest network of automobile auctions, with headquarters in the city of Atlanta (Georgia). At Manheim, approximately 200,000 cars are sold weekly in the USA. More than 60 years of successful activity in the car sales market, 32,000 employees, 144 auctions in 14 countries on 5 continents.

Last year 10 million cars were sold in the Manheim network - more than General Motors left the assembly lines and Ford combined.

In addition, trucks, heavy trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, boats, snowmobiles and even light-engined airplanes are put up for sale at these auctions. In addition to daily car auctions, Manheim holds auctions of exotic, rare and unique cars every month; regularly holds auctions of heavy trucks and special equipment.

In addition to conducting direct auctions and providing dealers with online trading, Manheim, with the help of subsidiaries, carries out transportation, technical inspection, certification and legal support of all vehicle transactions undertaken through the auction. Also, if necessary, repairs are carried out. Presale training passes for all cars. As a result, dealers are guaranteed to receive legally clean vehicles in excellent condition.

The main advantage of Manheim's auctions over other auctions is the Condition Report, which contains technical information about the car, information on body damage, additional comments and an assessment of the general condition. Auction sheets are filled only by certified professionals, which guarantees compliance with the highest standards. Deciphering estimates of the overall condition of the car, see the link.

One of the advantages of Manheim auctions is that they provide a wide range of additional services both before buying and after buying a car:
One of the important services is a Post -Sale Inspection (PSI) - an after-sales inspection that allows you to detect additional or unnoticed damage to the car after purchase. The buyer can choose to inspect the frame, body, mechanical or full inspection. The cost of such an inspection is on average $110-250. Immediately after the car is sold, this additional inspection is carried out to comply with the auction sheet. If during this additional inspection, damage not indicated on the auction sheet is detected, the auction will offer the buyer a discount or refusal to purchase. This is one of the reasons why it is advantageous for Manheim auctions to make a high-quality and detailed inspection of the lot before it is sold. This is one of the main advantages of the Manheim auction over others. Also, purchase of the PSI inspection gives a guarantee of 7 or 14 days (selected by customer), during which time the car can be returned for repair to the nearest Manheim location, or fully returned depending on the type of damage. sales system

The Manheim Auction Division includes a dealer car sales system offering a buyer the ability to choose its "Offer" price or, buy at “Buy now“ fixed prices. The main difference is that dealers often do not deliver cars to the auction's physical location. Over 20,000 vehicles are constantly in the sales system. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the service allows you to buy and sell cars.

The advantages of the sales system are the ability to buy a car right away, rather than wait for the auction to start, and significantly reducing auction fees accociated with the purchase.

That said, the cost of vehicles can sometimes be a little higher compared to if you bought it during live bidding. However, the opportunity to buy a car immediately, depending on your personal case, may be worth this small drawback.