COPART auctions - the market leader in online sales of damaged cars and equipment. Sales volumes of more than 1 million cars a year.

The main sellers at the auction COPART - insurance companies selling cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, special equipment and other vehicles to customers in more than 100 countries. COPART was founded in 1982 by Willis Johnson in California. In 1994, the company became public. Currently, the company's shares are traded on the NASDAQ.

Today, the company has more than 140 sites throughout the US, Canada and the UK. One of the reasons for the rapid growth of COPART was the introduction of Internet technologies in the sales process (VB2). The system allows dealers to buy cars without leaving the office, making the purchase process as easy and fast as possible. An additional factor in COPART's successful development is their professional team consisting of more than 2,400 employees.

Copart Vehicle Status

Accurate vehicle condition status determined using information and photos is difficult. At auction: the vehicle is in accident condition, the vehicle has minor damage after a theft (in the USA, if the car is not returned within 20 days, the insurance company must pay the owner the full cost of the car, so if the car was found later, it is sold by the insurance company at auction), vehicle was damaged during a natural disaster (including flooded), vehicle is up for auction after repair.

The main task of the auction is to sell. The product should appeal to the buyer, and not scare him. Theoretically, the seller may have interest in concealing the shortcomings of their goods. On the other hand, since Copart works regularly with dealers (their customer), a gross misrepresentation to the buyer will immediately affect their reputation. It is between these two extremes that Copart’s staff, who conduct examination and photograph transport, are forced to balance. The fact that the auction has been in operation since 1982 and has 140 sites indicates that Copart has found a middle ground between the interests of buyers and sellers. And despite this, there is always a chance to buy a “cat in a bag”

Attention: Copart (as well as their vehicle suppliers) is not responsible for transport. All vehicles are sold without a guarantee of quality. In the terms and conditions of buyer participation at Copart automobile auctions, it reads: ALL CARS ARE SOLD AS AS IS.

Copart tips and tricks for choosing a car

The first thing that needs attention is the quality of photos. The photos should be clear and informative, giving an idea of ​​the car from all sides (including the engine). If there are no normal photos, or there is no view from any side, then it should be considered if moving forward. The second is the availability of keys. In case a car is bought without keys, especially a whole one, something may does not work when ignited. Third - mileage. The less mileage, the more likely the engine and gearbox are in good condition. Fourth - the comments of the expert who examined and photographed the car. It is important to remember that words can be misleading. The fifth point on Copart purchases is the price. As in any auction, there are individuals watching live and examining the most interesting options before bidding, making preliminary applications. A normal car will be “good” before bidding starts.

Who buys at Copart

In the USA, these are mainly workshops that disassemble and trade in spare parts. This is due to the status - Salvage (the status of Salvage - means "written off"). Titles that have this status cannot be sold for reasonable money. In other countries, buyers are repair shops fixing a car and selling it. The equipment, which received the status of Salvage, immediately loses in price 60% of the market value. Licensed vehicle dealers can put up vehicles for sale.

Copart Warranties

Attention: Copart (and their vehicle suppliers) does not bear any responsibility for transport. All vehicles are sold without a guarantee of quality. The the terms and conditions for participating buyers at Copart auctions read: ALL CARS ARE SOLD AS AS IS.

The huge disadvantages of COPART auctions can also be attributed to the limited information on car damage, and there is also no guarantee for additional equipment (keys, automatic transmission knobs) and any additional body damage after selling the car.

You can get acquainted with the rules of bidding at Copart auctions by clicking the link Terms of Service.