Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAAI) has the most extensive network of sites, the largest customer base and the highest profit among auction participants. IAAI is the leader in motor vehicles sales in North America. At 150 sites belonging to IAAI in different parts of the US and Canada, sellers and buyers can find the best solution for the sale and purchase of cars from different categories: fully written off, returned from hijacked, leased, exchange for new models and accidents.

IAAI's combined auction system (where bidding is carried out live, via the Internet and by proxy) works in conjunction with an established client base and a variety of lots. IAAI has more than 25 years of experience in the area of motor vehicle auction sales.

Since founding in 1982, IAAI has been at the forefront of rescued motor vehicle auctions, guaranteeing the best prices for customers and profits for sellers.

In the US alone, 3.5 million cars are written off annually. Since 1997, this number has increased significantly, and mainly due to manufacturing modifications and improvements, such as the introduction of airbags.
Together with numerous vendors (insurance companies, dealers, car rental and car leasing companies), IAAI has been working on increased sales of retired cars. Thanks to an extensive network of auction sites and a combined auction system, cars are sold faster and at reasonable prices.

What are the benefits of purchasing from Insurance Auto Auctions?

IAAI conducts auctions with cars restored after an accident using a hybrid model that combines “live participation” and “live-online” auction participation. This is the largest auction site in North America for cars restored and offers selection of goods and high quality customer service. More than 150 representative offices owned by IAAI in the United States and Canada provide suppliers and car buyers with effective solutions for the purchase and sale of vehicles that cannot be repaired after an insured event returned after theft, owned by a vehicle fleet, donated and leased.