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In addition to empowering clients to search, bid and purchase a variety of vehicles from major US and Canadian auctions, EXPORTGROUP LLC (DBA CAROMOTO) also offers its expertise in purchasing and negotiating purchases of vehicles from US dealerships and private parties. We arrange vehicle delivery through our transport partners, while offering a fully transparent vehicle status experience via registered account on the EXPORTGROUP LLC (DBA CAROMOTO) web portal. We are a licensed dealership based in Redmond, WA serving all 50 states, with shipping partners capable of providing prompt and reliable export service to numerous international locations.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

You are entering into a binding legal agreement. These Terms of Service (“Terms”) and the Privacy Policy, posted on our website (“Website”) set out the terms on which EXPORTGROUP LLC (DBA CAROMOTO), ("we" or "us" or "our" or "CAROMOTO") offers you (“Client”) access to and use of our Website, applications, tools, and services (collectively "Services"). The Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy posted on our Website are expressly incorporated into these Terms.

Please be advised that these Terms affect your legal rights and contain provisions that govern how claims you and CAROMOTO have against each other are resolved. You should read this entire agreement carefully before accepting it. If you object to anything in these Terms, or otherwise do not understand or agree to be bound by these Terms, do not use CAROMOTO’s Website. If you use CAROMOTO’s Website in any way, you agree to and are bound by the Terms indicated in this document. CAROMOTO suggests visiting Terms of Service frequently, as they may change without notice. Your continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance of any revised terms.

General Rules and Responsibilities: Registered Accounts

Interaction and transactions with CARAMOTO shall be based on a registered and verifiable user account. To register an account with our platform you must be at least 18 years of age. All registered account holders must be fit to enter a legal and binding agreement with CAROMOTO. WE will not extend our services to anyone not fit to enter a legal agreement or under the age limit of 18 years.

No account registration shall be procured on a third-party basis. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your account and whenever a third-party gains access to your account, you must report to CAROMOTO immediately. WE shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to secure your account login information. ALL personal information will be used for ID verification, shipment and delivery in reference to OUR privacy policy. WE reserve the right to terminate any account at any time and for whatever reason we deem fit.

Security Deposit

After account enrollment and before you can acquire full Website access, you will be required make a security installment to your registered account. The deposit made by the customer is 100% refundable, given that the customer has not used the services of CAROMOTO. You can make installment using a PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH payment or Bank Wire Transfer. The security deposit required is 10% of your maximum bid, but no less than $600. This security deposit is necessary to satisfy the expense of resale if a vehicle is bought and full payment isn't received. In the event that full payment for a purchased vehicle isn't received inside 7 days of the auction closure, the security deposit will be forfeited for the purpose of resale. In the case that you have not bought a vehicle, or have any outstanding offers, the security deposit is 100% refundable and processed at your request. Refunds on unused security deposits ordinarily process inside two work days. If you have made payment through a bank wire transfer, you may apply the assets from your security deposit toward the acquisition of a vehicle by making a request to your assigned sales representative.

Terms of Bidding and Sale

In the event that you make a bid on a vehicle that is up for auction and you are the highest bidder at the finish of the auction, or present a buy offer on a vehicle and the dealer acknowledges such offer, or buy a vehicle utilizing a Buy Now alternative, you are genuinely committed to finish the exchange, which incorporates making full payment of the highest bid, offer made or Buy Now amount. When a bid has been presented, an offer has been made, or the Buy Now option has been exercised, it can't be withdrawn, erased, or dropped. CAROMOTO isn't answerable for any dropped bids, dropped offers or a dropped Buy Now actions. CAROMOTO maintains whatever authority is needed to reject or void bids, offers or Buy Now alternatives for any explanation at all, in its sole and total discrection. Should a question emerge in regards to a bid, offer, or Buy Now alternative, CAROMOTO is the selective choosing authority with sole and total discretion in settling debates. You consent to repay, guard, and hold CAROMOTO free from any risk emerging out of or regarding any of your bids, offers, Buy Now or potentially any choices made in settling questions. You recognize and concur that, as the buyer, you are answerable for all vehicles bought through the CAROMOTO Website.

Anything you buy via CAROMOTO is exclusively at your risk. Prior to bidding on as well as purchasing any vehicle on this site, You ought to learn, affirm, research, examine, or potentially explore vehicles and all information in regards to the kind, title, condition, harm, mileage, status, and history of vehicles.


When you have made a bid to buy and your bid succeeds at the auction, you will be sent an invoice for your purchase. FULL PAYMENT, as demonstrated in the invoice, should be received inside 72 hours of the buy notice. Full payment is essential to plan delivery transport for your vehicle. In the event that we don't get full payment inside 72 hours of receipt of buy notice, your account will be charged $25 each day for late payment via CAROMOTO. What's more, you will be liable for any expenses charged by the selling organization that are caused through the acquisition of your vehicle. Further, in the event that we don't get full payment for your vehicle inside 7 days from the finish of the closeout, CAROMOTO maintains all authority to relist your bought vehicle and your security deposit will be forfeited. The security deposit will be applied to the expense of the vehicle's resale.

Adequate forms of payment for purchased vehicles are bank wire transfer, ACH transfer (Plaid), financing through our partner lenders, or financing through your bank. Payments should be made for the individual buying the vehicle (as demonstrated by the transferred government provided ID), just as the individual enlisted on the CAROMOTO account. We don't acknowledge any form of payment outside the choices depicted previously. The customer is liable for any expenses issued by their financial organization in making payment and must to be made in addition to the FULL PAYMENT to CAROMOTO. Assets held as a security deposit may not be applied to the FULL PAYMENT, except if they have been made by a bank wire transfer or an ACH transfer. Security deposits may be returned after FULL PAYMENT has been received (if not applied to FULL PAYMENT) upon request, or may remain in the registered account for future purchases.

Delivery Rules and Policies

A large number of the auctions we buy from are dealer-only, so we require all vehicles sold through our Website to be transported and conveyed by transport accomplices inside our network. FULL PAYMENT should be received inside three days from the purchase to plan delivery of your vehicle. Any deferral in receiving FULL PAYMENT for vehicle purchases will result in a CAROMOTO imposed late expense of $25 per day, in addition to any charges imposed by the auction company (ie. Storage, Late Fees) which are the customer's duty and not the obligation of CAROMOTO.

All vehicle transport partners are exclusively licensed and protected and are not representatives or specialists of CAROMOTO. Therefore, CAROMOTO won't be considered liable for any activity or harm caused in transport of bought vehicles. Any cost cited by the Website calculator, or any booked delivery dates cited via CAROMOTO delegates are planned for estimate only. Transport expenses, date and time appraisals cannot be ensured and are liable to change contingent upon climate, traffic and planning limitations. Final charges will be resolved after the purchased vehicle is conveyed with late fee, if not paid right away. It is the customer's sole obligation to survey the state of the vehicle and affirm any parts (keys, battery charging cord, etc.) present at the time of delivery. CAROMOTO won't be considered answerable for any cases made against vehicle transport partners.

After purchase, transportation status will be viewable at all phases of delivery through the customer's account. The transport partner agent will contact the customer to plan a specific delivery time. It is the obligation of the customer to be at the location of delivery at the time of delivery, or the customer may defer the vehicle delivery, as well as, extra charges for rescheduling. All charges for rescheduling delivery are the obligation of the buying customer and not the responsibility of CAROMOTO.

Title and Registration Disclaimer

CAROMOTO doesn't acknowledge obligation or liability for any charges incurred through any imperfections, errors, exclusions or existing liens on the title of a purchased vehicle. It is the sole obligation of the buyer to investigate the situation with the title. Any deferrals or charges incurred by the auction company, CAROMOTO and/or state licensing authorities because of deformities, errors, exclusions or liens are the sole obligation of the buyer. CAROMOTO isn't answerable for any titles that are harmed or lost via document delivery agent. Any charges imposed by state licensing authorities, specialists or transportation accomplices for gaining copy titles will be the sole duty of the buyer.

CAROMOTO will mail you the title upon delivery from the auction company, except if you are financing through our partners, or you are a Washington state resident.  In the case where you are a Washington state resident, we will register your vehicle, apply for a title (if necessary) and mail your documents and tags to you once your authorized state organization has set them up. The delivery timeframe of these documents is contingent upon the DOL and the receipt of title from the auction company.

It is the sole duty of any buyer living outside the state of Washington and who has made FULL PAYMENT to register, apply for title and pay relevant duties for your purchase at your resident authorized state office once you have received the title from CAROMOTO.

Any state requirements (ie. emmisions test or vehicle examination) needed before registration is the obligation of the buyer and not CAROMOTO. The buyer will need to have fulfilled these requirements at the time of registration. It is the sole obligation of the buyer to contact their state licensing office, decide and fulfill any archive, testing, as well as licensing necessities before registration of the purchased vehicle.

CAROMOTO and its associates don't ensure that any vehicle sold with a brand (Salvage, Flood, Rebuild etc.) can be legitimately registered and titled in any state. The buyer acknowledges all risks related with varieties in title and registration laws between states that may adversely affect the attractiveness of vehicles bought through CAROMOTO's site.

Sales Tax

In the event that the buyer lives outside the province of Washington, they will be answerable for paying any taxes related with the acquisition of their vehicle. CAROMOTO will compose the Bill of Sale with the Total Invoice Due as indicated in the final invoice. Typically, sales tax is collected at the time of vehicle registration and title application with the authorized office (DMV) in the buyer's state of residency. The customer is liable for making payment for any taxes on the deal to their state of residency. The last invoice completed (Total Invoice Due on Bill of Sale) will contain all things related with the exchange and not restricted to the expense of vehicle at auction, auction fee, CAROMOTO fee, delivery charge, document delivery fee, and any material late or storage charges related with deferred payment or receipt of customer information.

In the case the customer lives in the state of Washington or the purchase has been financed through us, the business charge, title application and enrollment expenses will be gathered from the customer by CAROMOTO. We will handle the title application for the purchase and convey to WA DOL for the sake of the customer. CAROMOTO won't be considered liable for any deferrals in DOL preparing of the new title. CAROMOTO will gather and pay sales tax to the WA DOR dependent on the business cost from the Bill of Sale (Total Invoice Due). Sales tax rate depends on the buyer's location, as demonstrated on the ID transferred during account enrollment and affirmed by DOL information.

NMVTIS Disclaimer

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a vehicle history data set used to give information about title and vehicle history before buying. The information is utilized to forestall fraud and the offer of taken vehicles. This disclaimer fills in as notice that information related with vehicles bought utilizing CAROMOTO administration might be or have been reported to NMVTIS to forestall fraud and additionally offer of taken vehicles. By buying a vehicle utilizing CAROMOTO administrations, you acknowledge all dangers and repercussions coming about because of the reporting by us or others, of the vehicle or the buy exchange information to NMVTIS.

Third Party Disclaimer

CAROMOTO utilizes information provided by different outsiders including, however not restricted to vehicle auctions, dealerships, private gatherings, vehicle molding specialists, resale vendors and transport operators. CAROMOTO imparts this information through its site, yet doesn't in any capacity ensure that this information is precise, helpful or non-unsafe. By utilizing the Website, you assume full liability for exploring the precision of any information conveyed through CAROMOTO by any outsider operators. The Website client is liable for playing it safe, just as, any ensuing dangers related with harms caused by infections, worms, Trojan horses or some other unsafe substance appropriated by an outsider by means of the Website.

Vehicle Information Disclaimer

Vehicle Information is strictly for convenience. CAROMOTO doesn't ensure that Vehicle Information is precise or complete. Vehicle Information alludes to any information identified with a vehicle recorded on our site, whether gave in composed, oral, or computerized form, including: year, make, model, body style, color, drive type, motor sort, chambers, fuel type, condition, harm sum, harm type, essential harm, optional harm, mileage, odometer, odometer portrayals, vehicle ID number ("VIN") or title number, title or possession archive type, title or proprietorship report state, title or proprietorship record history, assessed retail esteem, real money esteem, fix gauge, assessed fix cost, fix history, complete misfortune history, airbag sending, keys and all remaining information (counting pictures) recorded on any parcel posting page.

The vehicles recorded on our site are neither possessed by us nor in our inventory. Therefore, all things of Vehicle Information are given by the vender through the closeout organization. We don't survey nor affirm any of the Vehicle Information and is the customer’s responsibility to confirm any mistakes, errors, and exclusions. We explicitly renounce all warranties, guaranties or assurances with respect to the precision or culmination of any Vehicle Information. Vehicle Information is accommodated information purposes only. We firmly urge you to assess any vehicle, or organize an outsider investigation, prior to putting any bid or consenting to buy any vehicle.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

CAROMOTO regards the protected innovation privileges of others and anticipates that you should do likewise. CAROMOTO has embraced the accompanying general strategy toward copyright encroachment as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. On the off chance that you accept that any substance showed on any of the Services encroaches your copyrighted work, you may send notice to CAROMOTO at [email protected]

Please include the accompanying information with your notification:

  • A mark of an individual authorized to act for the proprietor of the copyright;

  • Identification of works or materials being encroached;

  • Identification of the material with adequate detail so CAROMOTO can check its reality;

  • Contact information about the telling party;

  • An articulation that the advising party has a decent confidence conviction that the material isn't authorized by the copyright proprietor, its representative, or the law; and

  • An explanation made under punishment of prevarication that the information gave is exact and the advising party is authorized to submit the question in the interest of the copyright proprietor.

When we get the notification, we may make moves in our circumspection, including eliminating the claimed encroaching material.


On the off chance that you don't comply with these Terms or Privacy Policy, CAROMOTO may suspend or end your Account or otherwise obstruct or confine your admittance to the Services. Moreover, CAROMOTO may decline to offer the Types of assistance for any explanation or no explanation, whenever. On the off chance that, for any explanation, you presently don't agree to these Terms or Privacy Policy, please cease utilizing the Services (and drop your Account(s), to the degree you have any), and this will be your sole remedy in such conditions.

Upon end by you or CAROMOTO, you will stop any further utilization of the Services; All rights conceded to you under the Terms and Privacy Policy will consequently end; and certain information (e.g., Content, Submissions) might be held or erased at CAROMOTO's sole discretion.

The proprietorship arrangements, licenses of Submissions and Feedback, DMCA policy, Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, Dispute Resolution, Local Laws, and General segments of these Terms will endure end. Other arrangements of the Terms that by their inclination would endure end will so endure.

Intellectual Property Rights

The design, trademarks, imprints, and logos of the Website are claimed by or authorized to CAROMOTO and expose to copyright and other protected innovation rights under United States, foreign laws, and international shows. CAROMOTO holds all rights not explicitly allowed in and to the Website. You consent to not take part in the utilization, duplicating, or conveyance of any of the Website other than explicitly allowed. CAROMOTO doesn't concede transfer of any trademarks, administration imprints, illustrations, and logos utilized regarding the Website, whether possessed via CAROMOTO or an outsider.

Besides as otherwise explicitly gave thus, you may not participate in any of the accompanying precluded activities: (a) recreating pictures, depictions, quote calculator, reach and mileage estimator, or other parts of the Website on some other webpage; (b) "outlining" or "mirroring" of the Website or any material contained on or open from the Website on some other worker or Internet-based gadget without the high level composed authorization of CAROMOTO; (c) replicating, disseminating, or revealing any piece of the Website in any medium, including without limit by any mechanized or non-computerized "scratching"; (d) utilizing any robotized system, including without constraint "robots," "creepy crawlies," "disconnected peruses," and so forth to get to the Website; (e) sending spam, junk letters, or other spontaneous email; (f) endeavoring to meddle with, compromise the system honesty or security, or translate any transmissions to or from the workers running the Website; (g) making any move that forces or may force at our sole circumspection an absurd or disproportionately enormous burden on Website framework; (h) transferring invalid information, infections, worms, or other programming specialists through the Website; (I) gathering or reaping any by and by recognizable information, including account names, from the Website; (j) utilizing the Website for any commercial sales purposes; (k) mimicking another individual or otherwise distorting your association with an individual or substance, leading fraud, stowing away or endeavoring to conceal your character; (l) meddling with the legitimate working of the Website; (m) getting to any substance on the Website through any innovation or means other than those gave or authorized by the Website; or (n) bypassing the actions we may use to forestall or confine admittance to the Website, including without limit includes that forestall or confine use or duplicating of any substance or enforce impediments on utilization of the Service or the substance therein.

You concur that your utilization of the Website will be in severe compliance with these Terms and with every pertinent law and guidelines (counting without impediment any nearby laws or guidelines in your nation, state, city, or other legislative region, in regards to online direct and satisfactory substance, and including all appropriate laws in regards to the transmission of specialized information exported from the United States or the country wherein you live). You concur your utilization of the Website won't encroach or abuse the licensed innovation privileges of any outsider.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website is given "With no guarantees" with no guarantees of any sort. To the furthest reaches admissible under relevant law, CAROMOTO explicitly disavows all guarantees, express or suggested, including without impediment guarantees of merchantability, qualification for a specific reason, non-encroachment, exactness, independence from errors, reasonableness of substance, or accessibility. You explicitly recognize and concur that: (a) CAROMOTO makes no guarantee that (I) the Website will meet your necessities, (ii) the Website will be continuous, convenient, secure, or sans error, (iii) the outcomes acquired from the utilization of the Website will be exact, dependable, complete, or current (iv) the nature of any items, administrations, information, or other material bought or got by you through the Website will live up to your desires, and (v) any errors in the Website will be corrected; (b) any material downloaded or otherwise got using the Website is done at your own danger and that you will be exclusively liable for any harm to your computer system or loss of information that outcomes from the download of any such material; (c) no guidance or information, whether oral or composed, got by you from CAROMOTO, or through or from the Website, will make any guarantee not explicitly expressed in these Terms; and (d) CAROMOTO isn't answerable for incorrect or off base passage of information, human error, specialized breakdowns, lost/deferred information transmission, oversight, interference, cancellation, imperfection, disappointments of any phone network, computer gear, programming, or any combination thereof, or powerlessness to get to the Website.

Release and Waiver of Liability

You recognize and concur that your admittance to and utilization of the Website is at your own danger. In thought for furnishing you with admittance to the Website, you thus totally and unequivocally deliver and postpone from any cases, requests, or reasons for action of any sort, nature, or depiction, whether emerging in law or value or upon contract or tort or under any state or government law or otherwise, which you had, presently have, or case to have against us for or by reason of any act, oversight, matter, cause, or thing at all emerging out of or in any capacity identified with your admittance to or utilization of the Website, whether such cases, requests, and reasons for action are developed or unmatured, known or obscure, exchanged, fixed or unexpected, or immediate or aberrant.

Limitation of Liability

To the furthest reach allowed by relevant law, in no occasion will CAROMOTO be obligated for: (a) any immediate, uncommon, backhanded, or noteworthy harms, or (b) some other harms of any sort, including without restriction loss of utilization, loss of benefits or loss of information, whether in an action in contract, tort (counting without constraint carelessness) or otherwise, emerging out of or in any capacity associated with your utilization of or powerlessness to utilize the Website, including without limit any harms brought about by or coming about because of dependence by you on any information got from Website (counting without impediment Third-Party Content), or that outcomes from botches, oversights, interferences, cancellation of documents or email, errors, deserts, infections, delays in activity or transmission, or any disappointment of performance of the Website.


To the degree allowed by relevant law, you consent to guard and reimburse CAROMOTO against any cases, misfortunes, liabilities, harms, fines, punishments, expenses and costs (counting without constraint premium which might be forced in association therewith), costs of examination, sensible charges, expenses and payment of attorneys, counsel, and other specialists (at preliminary and on any allure), and cost to CAROMOTO of any assets consumed emerging out of, coming about because of, or identified with any case brought by an outsider emerging from or identifying with your admittance to or utilization of the Website.

Governing Laws

CAROMOTO controls and works this Website from its central command in Washington, USA, and makes no portrayal that the Website is suitable, relevant, or will be accessible for use in other areas. Besides as otherwise explicitly gave thus, all advertising or special materials on this Website are exclusively coordinated to people and substances situated in the United States. In the event that you utilize this Website from outside the United States, you are altogether liable for compliance with appropriate laws, including yet not restricted to the export and import guidelines.

Dispute Resolution

As buyer, you concur that any case among CAROMOTO and you will be settled solely through last and restricting assertion, rather than in any court. You and CAROMOTO concur that each postpones any privilege to a jury preliminary under this Agreement to Arbitrate. You make a deal to avoid recording or start case or any lawful action (counting intervention or little cases actions) against CAROMOTO, or any of CAROMOTO's vendors, other than as given in this Agreement. On the off chance that the occasion you do document or start prosecution in infringement of this Agreement, no relevant restrictions period(s) will be rung during the pendency of any suit or action founded. In the occasion you document or start prosecution (counting neighborhood as well as little cases actions), you thusly consent to pay all expenses including yet not restricted to court charges, attorney's charges brought about to get such case or action excused or potentially transferred discretion as given in this.

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