International Auto Shipping Transportation services for any vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, or special equipment from U.S auctions and dealership to your global destination.

Main Warehouse: 348 Commerce Dr, Rincon, GA 31326
Phone: ‪+1 (914) 809-0110‬
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90 Days of Free Warehouse Storage Take your time to plan the delivery, obtain or restore the necessary documents, and also make use of additional services
Warehouse Capacity Over 3000 Cars CAROMOTO operates its own extensive shipping warehouse at the Port of Savahhan, GA, on the common territory as the IAA auction. 24-hour surveillance guarantee your vehicle safety
No Appointments for Delivery The technical capabilities of our Savannah warehouse eliminate the need for additional calls or coordination of vehicle delivery times
No Title Required for Delivery & Storage Considering the various complexities that may arise during auction purchases, we accept vehicles in our Savannah warehouse even without the Title
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Domestic Transportation We provide secure and reliable transportation services for vehicles, motorcycles, boats, or special equipment from auctions and dealers to our terminals for international shipment.We also offer storage in our secure warehouse in Savannah before loading, ensuring safe delivery worldwide. You can deliver your vehicle to CAROMOTO warehouse either personally or take advantage of our transportation services. We collaborate with insured carriers and can organize the delivery from any U.S. location.
Sea Container and Ro-Ro Shipping
Loading in the Port of Origin We operate loading facilities in 6 major U.S. cities:
Savannah, New York, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles, as well as in Montreal, Canada.
We provide diverse ocean freight services through established contracts with top companies such as MAERSK, APL, MSC, MOL, Hyundai, Hanjin, PIL, CMA, Evergreen, and NYK.
During the shipping, you will always be informed of the current location of your vehicle through your client profile.
Unloading and Customs Clearance After the container arrives at the destination port, our agents will coordinate the transportation of the container from the port to their facility, where the vehicle is securely unloaded.
They will also manage all necessary customs clearance documentation and oversee the onward transportation of the vehicles. While we recommend using our international agents, you have the flexibility to choose your own agent at the destination if preferred.
Additional Services CAROMOTO offers a wide range of mainenance services aimed at improving the transportation and overall condition of your vehicle:
from $300
from $50
Facts about Сargo Insurance
Own insurance policy Caromoto insurance does not cover your valuable cargo while in transit. If your container sinks to the bottom of the ocean or catches fire, the maximum payoff will be $500 per container from the shipping line.
Accidents happen Thousands of containers catch on fire or drop in the water every year. If you don’t have insurance, you will be liable for full shipping costs and cargo recovery expenses, even if your cargo is destroyed or damaged.
The cost of insurance is minimal If you cannot afford insurance on every shipment, we strongly advise to purchase a policy on the most expensive vehicles. You can purchase Cargo Insurance through any insurance broker, or Caromoto can help you get a policy.
Damages & Total Loss Only 1.2%
Cargo Insurance We offer safe and reliable transportation of your vehicle, motorcycle, boat or heavy equipment from auctions
What it covers:
Catastrophic events (fire, shipwreck, etc.) Total destruction of cargo Material and equipment failure Rough handling at ports Coverage from port to port
Cost Information:
The insurance premium is either 1.2% of the total invoice amount or $150, whichever is greater. The non-compensable damage amount (deductible) is 3% of the vehicle's value, with a minimum of 250 USD. Example: $30,000 car, policy will cost $360