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29 September 2021

Dear customers,

We collected general useful information for you about the situation in the USA.

Current Shipping Conditions.
Dear clients, below are the latest updates about current situation in all of USA ports:In early 2021, the West Coast was heavily congested due to increased import demand. Though this is still very much the reality for areas like Oakland and Los Angeles, there is now a similar trend building in the Gulf Coast and Southeast ports, as well. Georgia, Charleston, Norfolk, and Houston were no strangers to congestion during the height of the pandemic, but for a time they were a safer bet for shippers to avoid the delays found on the West Coast. As more vessels plan avoidance of the West Coast, these alternate ports are increasingly experiencing the issues brought on by the global shipping crisis.

West Coast Ports Still Experiencing Massive Congestion.
At present, there are more than 87 ships either docked or waiting to berth in LA alone and 400,000 TEUs sitting on the shores. This congestion has caused major delays and resulted in increased rates. The congestion issue stems from the combined lack of available truckers, congestion at rail hubs, limited chassis, and lack of storage space at warehouses.

Southeast Now Becoming a New Hot Spot.
Considering the West Coast is dealing with what seems to be a never-ending saga of backlog, it only makes sense to route cargo to what “seems” to be less busy ports. However, the U.S. demand for imported goods outmatches the capabilities of the logistics infrastructure in place. As more and more vessels are making their way to Southeast ports such as Savannah, Charleston, and Norfolk, these ports are experiencing the same issues already long plaguing California. Compared to last year, these ports have doubled their dwell times. It is not uncommon for containers to wait over 30 days until an option becomes available for their removal. Lack of space is the main issue, as these ports are not large enough to handle the massive influx in containers. With no space to store containers, vessels are stuck waiting to unload, and a ripple effect comes into play creating massive delays and extreme congestion at every juncture.

Houston More Congested.
As shippers are scrambling to find solutions, more and more ports have fallen prey to the congestion phenomenon. Houston, which recently endured some damage from Tropical Storm Nicholas, is now dealing with the issues seen elsewhere at other overly congested ports. Traditionally the Gulf Coast has been a good back-up option for shippers trying to avoid the West Coast, but recent volume increases have created new problems. Houston is now experiencing extended dwell time and heavily increased delays for delivery.

Why so Much Congestion, Everywhere?
While the Southeast and Gulf Coast are becoming the latest hot spots for congestion, the U.S. continues to suffer at all major ports. The biggest contributors to congestion continue to be poor rail infrastructure, limited trucking sources, chassis shortages, and lack of storage space. Experts agree that this current situation of shortages of chassis, truckers, warehousing, and poor rail performance will continue well into 2022 and beyond. Many experts are now admitting that this is, unfortunately, the new state of shipping.

Rail Issues:
Once cargo arrives in a port, it is crucial that it does not sit in the yard for an extended amount of time, as this space is very valuable and crucial for staging vessels. Often, containers are put on a rail to be delivered more inland, or to be moved to a new staging area. With the dramatic increase in demand, rail hubs are struggling to keep up. Indeed, a significant amount of improved infrastructure is needed to accommodate the volume. Cranes and heavy equipment, for example, are sorely needed but are only slowly being worked on.

Trucking Concerns:
Much like the rails, truckers play an important role in removing containers from ports. Unfortunately, lack of available truckers is one the worst bottlenecks in the industry. Spot rates are skyrocketing, and drivers are sparse. Shippers are often shocked to find that truckers are booked 2-3 months in advance in some of the more congested ports. If service is needed on priority goods, locating an available trucker will almost be impossible and rates will certainly be at a premium.

Current Market Conditions.
See below for the most up-to-date information on delays:

U.S. East Coast Major Concerns:
- NY / NJ: Expect extreme delays
- Savannah: 8 – 11 days dwell time
- Charleston: 5 – 6 days dwell time
- Miami: 5 – 7 days dwell time with heavy CFS backlog

U.S West Coast Major Concerns:
- LA / Long Beach: 12 - 16 days dwell time
- Seattle: 10 - 12 days dwell time
- Oakland: 4 - 6 days dwell time

U.S Gulf Coast Major Concerns:
- New Orleans: 24 hours dwell time
- Houston: 1 – 2 days dwell time

Rail Terminal Major Concerns:
Many major rails are experiencing severe congestion which is backing up terminals leading to limited gate capacity, rail car shortages, and delays.
- Philadelphia: equipment shortages and delays in picks up and deliveries are to be expected
- Charleston: equipment shortages and delays in picks up and deliveries are to be expected
- Chicago: server congestion is to be expected
- BNSF & UP/LAX/LGB: Increased delay time expected; limited gate capacity and reservations available

Equipment Shortages:
The following locations are experiencing continued chassis shortage impacting timelines for both import and export cargo:
- LAX/Long Beach: increased delay time expected, limited chassis
- NY: increased delay time expected, limited chassis
- Philadelphia: increased delay time expected, limited chassis
- Columbus: increased delay time expected, limited chassis
- Atlanta: increased delay time expected, limited chassis
- Nashville: increased delay time expected, limited chassis
- Louisville: increased delay time expected, limited chassis


30 August 2021

Electric cars
Due to new regulations set forth by shipping lines and an increase of electric/hybrid vehicles exports powered by Lithium Batteries will now require to be shipped as a dangerous good. For the past year, we’ve been working on avoiding these costs to our clients, however as more lines are developing new guidelines, we are forced to bring down these costs.
Starting September 1st, all hybrid and electric vehicles will be moved as a dangerous good and an additional surcharge of $100 per consolidated shipment will be applied to the vehicle no matter what destination.
For full container customers, there will be a surcharge of $350 added to the ocean freight, regardless if only 1 car is either a hybrid or electric car.

Increase in shipping price for Los Angeles and Seattle
There are changes in the cost of shipping. Prices have grown especially in the ports of Los Angeles and Seattle (+ $ 150 for about all directions for one car). The prices have already been changed in the calculator.

CAROMOTO is a licensed dealership that gives you access to all major US auctions through our website. With CAROMOTO, you can view and bid on a wide range of vehicles with the condition that fits your needs. It is easy; you register, make a security deposit and bid on a vehicle you like. After your bid wins and you make your payment to CAROMOTO, we will arrange for delivery of your vehicle. We will handle all the steps in getting your vehicle and ownership documents to you, quickly and transparently.

We have a flat-rate fee is $295 for any item.
If you buy four or more cars a month our flat fee is $195.

A registration confirmation letter is sent within 5 minutes of completion. If it does not arrive, please verify the email address you entered or try registering again with close attention to your correct email address.
If the problem persists, please contact our support department with a request to verify your registration info.
Registration is the first step required in setting up your account with Caromoto.
Registration allows you to create a personal account and obtain full access to all capabilities of the website, including additional options closed to unregistered users.
Registration and subsequent transferral of a refundable security deposit will allow you to bid at all major US vehicle auctions with our help.
After signing into your account, your Client ID will be located at the top of the screen, to the right of your name, in parenthesis. The Client ID is your account number.
Yes, you will receive notification at all major steps of the transaction. In addition, you will have the ability to view your vehicle's current stage and timeline positioning within your account at your disposal.

If you want to buy a vehicle with CAROMOTO, you are required to pay a refundable security deposit. The security deposit guarantees full payment for your purchase at the auction. If your bid wins, but you fail to pay for the vehicle within 15 days of the auction closure, you will forfeit your security deposit. The security deposit covers resale costs in the event that your bid wins, but choose not to pay for the vehicle.

The security deposit required by Caromoto is 10% of your maximum bid at the auction, but not less than $600. For example, to place a bid of $15,000, you need to make a security deposit of at least $1,500. Security Deposits that do not have an outstanding balance or have outstanding bids are 100% refundable.
If bidding on multiple vehicles at one time, minimum deposit requirements must be met for each vehicle. Security Deposits that do not have an outstanding balance or have outstanding bids are 100% refundable.

There are three ways to make a security deposit:
- Credit / Debit Card
- PayPal
- Bank Wire transfer

To select your method of payment, go to the Payment section in your account. Please make sure your deposit is made with consideration of any fees your bank may apply for the transaction.
No. You must make the required minimum deposit of 10% of your maximum bid, but not less than $600 per vehicle.
If you'd like to bid on more than one vehicle at a time, you'll need to pay an additional security deposit that meets the minimum requirement for each vehicle you'd like to bid on.
If you did not use CAROMOTO services, have no active bids at the time of request and have no outstanding balance, you may order a refund through your account via MY ACCOUNT - BALANCE. You may also request a refund by email to Refunds will be processed via the same method of payment used to make the deposit and typically take 2-3 days.

Any financial institution "Bank" during a money transfer transaction imposes a fee for this operation.
The amount of fee can be different for different banks, so you need to consider the fee when making a bank transfer (deposit).
After transferring funds to the account of CAROMOTO, our bank also charges fee for placement of funds (about $10). Consequently the amount credited to the customer's balance may be slightly less than the amount which client transferred.

All security deposits made to the CAROMOTO account are 100% refundable.
CAROMOTO does not hold any fees for return of deposit. The amount refunded will be the same amount that was paid to the CAROMOTO bank account.
Keep in mind that banks may charge a fee for transferring funds, therefore, you may get back less than the original deposit.
All security deposits made to your Caromoto account are 100% refundable, if you do not have an outstanding balance or outstanding auction bids. CAROMOTO does not hold any fees for return of deposit. Refunds will be the same amount that was paid to Caromoto and typically take 2-3 days from the date of refund request.
Registered clients can increase their security deposit at any time by logging into MY ACCOUNT and proceeding to PAYMENT to make an increase to their deposit.
If you made your security deposit by credit card, you will not see an itemized credit to your account. This type of transaction holds funds in a pending state, so when your refund is processed, the funds will be released in your account. To check, verify with your institution that the hold has been released, or view your account statement for this hold to be removed. Depending on your institution, there may be some time required to process this release.
Most banks issue a fee for transferring funds to an outside account.
The fee amount can vary depending on which financial institution you transfer funds from, so you should be aware of your bank's fee policy and increase your deposit to cover this cost.
After transferring funds to the account of CAROMOTO, our bank also charges fee for placement of funds (about $10). Consequently, the amount credited to the customer's balance may be slightly less than the amount which client transferred.
If you made your security deposit by wire transfer, you may apply your security deposit to the purchase of your vehicle. Security deposits made by credit card, debit card or PayPal are held in a pending status and are not actual fund transfers, so you can not apply them to the purchase of your vehicle.
Your security deposit simply remains in your account for future vehicle bidding, or you may request a deposit refund.
Only in the case when a PSI (Post Sale Inspection) has been purchased that identifies major descrepancies between the inspection and condition report can a vehicle be returned. All other sales are final.

Yes. CAROMOTO has a partner which can make a detailed independent inspection of the vehicle for a flat rate ($129-$139).
A sample report can be seen here.

To order this service, please contact our staff by email (

Yes you can.
Please note that in the absence of a vehicle title, we can transport your vehicle to its ultimate destination. Depending on the auction, the seller has a specified amount of time to send a title to the buyer. Please ask about the terms of your specific auction in the case of a missing title.
If the title is not delivered within the specified time frame, the vehicle can be returned to the nearest auction location, if the buyer desires. Additional fees may apply (ie. title duplication, storage, application late fee) and are the responsibility of the buyer.
Yes it can happen, but it is rare. Auction employees are subject to human error and they may miss some hidden defects. Also, vehicle auctions sell at high volumes, so it is more likely that an error in the CR would occur, as compared to traditional retail channels.
To protect your purchase from such errors, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly review your purchase using our AUTOCHECK service. In addition, please consider a Pre Sale Inspection, using one of our partners (AIM) and/or a Post Sale inspection PSI provided by the auction company. These services are provided at a low cost and protect you from damages missed in the initial inspection process.
AS-IS (as is) is a designation meaning that the vehicle sold at auction is in the same condition in which it is discovered at the auction. No further claims of its condition are warranted.
Even if they are in the listing photos, we can not guarantee the availability of loose parts. Loose parts are occasionally lost, misplaced or otherwise missing at insurance auctions. We promise to do everything we can to ensure the delivery of any part(s) that are supposed to come with a car you purchased.
PSI (Post Sale Inspection) is an inspection of the vehicle after the sale. It can be ordered at the auction on the day of purchase to check for possible damages or flaws to the vehicle, which were not documented in the pre-inspection.
The auction will provide you a list of damages detected during the PSI which can be repaired at auction, or you can return the vehicle to the auction. Auctions give a 7 -14 day warranty for a PSI inspection.
The average price of a PSI inspection ranges from approximately $100 to $180, depending on the location and warranty term. If the vehicle has been already checked, auctions usually do not send the PSI details to a dealer. The auction contacts the dealer only in case of additional damage detection during PSI.
CAROMOTO highly suggests investing in a PSI in order to protect your purchase from any mistakes made in the original inspection. Purchasing a PSI allows the buyer a chance to inspect the vehicle and return within the warranty time frame, if a discrepancy exists.
Our company has official dealer registration on the following auctions:
We are a Market Alliance partner for IAA Auction Centers in Moldova and official Broker in all other countries.
You can also buy any vehicles through CAROMOTO you found on sites such as CARS.COM, AUTOTRADER.COM, as well as any individual dealer.
In agreement with the client, we can purchase any vehicle from any source, or from a private individual in the United States.
Each auction charges a fee from the seller and the buyer. The fee typically ranges from $200 to $500, depending on the auction company and the value of the car.
Auctions may also charge additional fees for placing bids via the internet, additional tax, gate pass fees, loading fees or storage fees, depending on the circumtances of the transaction and auction company. These fees will be the responsibility of the client, not CAROMOTO, and will be included in the Auction Fee item on the invoice.

The following table illustrates recent auction fees at IAA:

The purchase of vehicles at dealer's auctions is a guaranteed way of purchasing vehicles. The auction system is constructed in such a way as to facilitate and accelerate the process of buying vehicles. The whole process of buying a car at auction is fully explained and is subject to certain rules.
Auction companies always inspect equipment and are responsible in the case where serious discrepancies are claimed.
Buying vehicles at auctions protects you from many unpleasant moments that often arise when buying from traditional sources and can save you money!
A “Not Actual” reading indicates that the odometer reading could not be determined or is not accurate. There could be many reasons for this reading, such as the odometer was replaced, maxed out and gone back to zero, damaged meter, missing keys (if electric), etc.
Off-site Sale vehicles are not physically located at the auction facility. The preview and 'pickup' location is listed on the Lot Details page. Please review the preview dates and times to make arrangements to inspect any item.
You can review previous sales for similar vehicles at auction before making your bid. This will give you an idea of the end cost for that specific vehicle. Most auctions have historical sales data available through their websites. Ask us if you need help!
You can make as many bids as you like until the vehicle has been won. 
Bids should be placed on the basis of the vehicle's actual cost.
CAROMOTO reserves the right to not place a bid on the vehicle, if it is underestimated.

Go to your personal account in the "BIDS" section and select the "CANCEL" option.
A bid can only be canceled before the bid is submitted to the auction. Pay attention to the timer before the start of the Live Auction or the end of the Timed Auction.

Immediately after bidding at the auction, you can check the result of bids in your account, under BIDS. You will also receive an email about the outcome of your bid.

All bids must be placed at least 1 hour before the start of the line, otherwise the processing of bids is not guaranteed.

To personally take part in a Live Auction, you need to open a lot and connect to the auction at the appointed time.
This feature is currently available through Copart Auction.

You need to specify a maximum amount of U.S. dollars you are willing to pay for the vehicle in increments of $100. Your maximum bid is not visable to the seller. Your bid will increase by increments of $100, as necessary, until your maximum bid has been reached.
You can edit and check the status of your bids in your personal account, in the Bids section.
Bids will not be accepted less than 1 hour before the start of the auction.
If you want to buy a vehicle which you found outside of the auction, then you will need to use a special form, found in the ORDER section.
You must specify the name of the vehicle, Year, Mileage, VIN number, a link to the resource where the vehicle is located, and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle selected.
You can bid on any vehicle which is for sale.
Please note that the purchase of a vehicle without photos and description of the state is risky, as the car may be in poor condition and sold AS-IS. After purchasing the vehicle, you may not be able to return the vehicle.
Most auctions start trading at EST - Eastern Standard Time UTC - 5 hours.
Auctions can also start in the following time zones, depending on the location:
CST - Central Standard Time UTC - 6 hours
MST - Mountain Standard Time UTC - 7 hours
PST - Pacific Standard Time UTC - 8 hours
Your Bidding Limit is the maximum you're able to bid at any given time. It also dictates how many vehicles you can bid on at once. Your Bidding Limit is determined by your security deposit. If you would like to increase your Bidding Limit, you will need to increase your security deposit. The minimum required amount of your deposit is 10% of your maximum bid at the auction, but not less than $600, for each vehicle you are bidding on.
If you are allowed to buy several cars at the same time, then you can make several bids on each purchased car.

For example, you want to buy two cars. Make 5 bids on the first car and play until some bid wins. And place 3 bids on the second car and play until one of the 3 bids wins the car.

To do this, you need to select for which purchased car this bid applies at the "BID CONFIRMATION" (pic below). If you are bidding on the first car, then select "Buying the car #1" and if this bid to the second purchased car, then select "Buying the car #2".

To do this, you need to choose which car will be staked on in "BID CONFIRMATION" (see the figure below). If you are bidding on the first car, select "Buying the car #1", and if this bid is on the second car to buy, select "Buying the car #2".

P.S. You can make no more than 10 bits per day for each car you buy.
Payment can be made for purchased vehicles to your account via bank wire transfer, ACH transfer or cashier's check. Full payment must be made to your account for the vehicle in 48 hours (two days) from purchase at the auction. If we do not receive payment within 72 hours (three days), your account will be charged a $25 per day late fee until full payment is received.
If the vehicle is bought at an auction, you must pay the final vehicle price at the auction, applicable auction fee, CAROMOTO dealer fee, destination vehicle delivery cost, ocean freight if by sea, and a document shipping fee for the title. Any fees added to the transaction (ie. storage, late payment, additional documents) will be included on the invoice and will be the responsibility of the buyer.
In your personal account in the BALANCE section, you can view all transactions made between you and CAROMOTO.
When making a transfer you will receive an email notification that we have received your funds.
If your payment is not shown in your balance, please send us a copy of the bank transfer for verification to our email address (
No. We are a licensed dealership in the US and make all purchases from the auction. You will be buying the vehicle from CAROMOTO, so you will need to make payment directly to CAROMOTO for the purchase of your vehicle.
If your bid is not succesful, you will not have to pay anything.
You can continue to place bids until your bid wins, or request a refund of your security deposit.
When making a bank transfer, you must specify the number of the invoice, as well as the last 6 digits of VIN for the purchased vehicle.
You also need to send us a copy of the bank transfer by email to (
These steps are necessary for a successful and timely deposit to your balance.
Most banks issue a fee for transferring funds to an outside account.
The fee amount can vary depending on which financial institution you transfer funds from, so you should be aware of your bank's fee policy and increase your deposit to cover this cost.
After transferring funds to CAROMOTO's account, our bank also charges fee for placement of funds (about $10). Consequently, the amount credited to the customer's balance may be slightly less than the amount which client transferred.
Since we need to receive the full amount stated in the invoice, you have to specify to your financial institution that all bank charges will be paid by the sender.
If your bid wins, but you fail to pay for the vehicle within 15 day of the auction closure, you will forfeit your security deposit. The security deposit covers resale costs in the event that your bid wins, but choose not to pay for the vehicle.
Typically, pickup time is 2-5 days depending on carrier availability and delivery route. Please make payment on vehicle balance and book shipping as soon as possible to expedite the delivery of your vehicle.
Yes, we can ship your vehicle(s) from any major US port with weekly sailings to anywhere in the world. We can manage all aspects of the overseas shipping process including picking up the vehicle, warehouse port delivery, US Customs, container or RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) preparation and delivery to your port of destination all while keeping you informed at various points throughout the shipping process.
We can ship to any country not currently under sanctions by the United States of America. If you are not sure, you can contact us at Also, please try our convenient calculator tool on the website. If your country is not listed, please contact us at and we will respond with a shipping quote for your destination.
Ocean freight companies carrying containers bear limited liability for loss or damage to your vehicle. To avoid problems arising in such events, we advise you to insure the transportation of your purchased vehicles.
CAROMOTO is not responsible for the car during overseas transportation. It is your responsibility to insure your purchase for ocean shipping.
The vehicle may not, under any circumstances, be driven from the auction lot. If you own a carrier or tow truck, you may contact CAROMOTO about the possibility of picking up from the auction. If you do not have the required equipment to pick up your vehicle, we will arrange delivery through our transport partners.
If the buyer is located outside the United States, then you can not pick up the purchased vehicle(s) from the auction yourself. Since all puchased vehicles are registered on CAROMOTO, we must be sure that the vehicles do not remain in the United States and have departed for export.
Our priority is to pick-up and deliver your vehicle as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. Our affilliate carriers are very good at what they do, but circumstances (ie. weather, construction, scheduling delays, etc.) outside of our control do occur. Therefore, our calculated schedule indicators can not be guaranteed, but can provide an experienced estimate of what we can expect. You will have 24 hour notification of what stage your vehicle is in through your account, so you will always be informed of your vehicle's situation.
You can insure the purchased vehicle for maritime shipping at a rate of 1.1% of partial damage and 0.85% of the total loss of cargo. Insurance interest is charged on the total amount of the invoice.
Non-refundable amount of damage is $500.
For insurance purposes you need to immediately send a request after making a purchase to insure the vehicle, indicating the VIN number and the rate at which you want covered.
In your personal account in My Cars section you can get information on the stages of delivery for your vehicle.
For clients requiring ocean shipping, there is also information about the carrier, the container number and the estimated date of arrival at the port of destination.
By knowing the number of the container, you can use this site to track the exact location of the container:
If you are going to leave the purchased vehicle in the United States, we can sell it to you only if you have a dealer’s license. Otherwise, all vehicles must be exported.
Shipping time overseas vary depending mainly on the US departure port and your shipping destination. Typically, it can take 3-4 weeks to ship from US to Europe or South America, while shipping to Africa, Middle East and Asia can take approximately 6-8 weeks. Please contact us at shipping@CAROMOTO to get a more accurate estimate depending on your destination.
Your purchased vehicle will be loaded into a container and provided with all necessary documents. We will notify you by email with the contact details of the destination port agent, who will receive your container and register it.
You can also find information about the CAROMOTO's destination port agents in the DOCUMENTS section.
All vehicles are photographed and described before loading in the container at the departure port. All domestic carriers are insured for any damages incurred during transit.
If you find minor damages not listed in the inventory during the loading of the car you will need to contact the agent who met and unloaded your car with the request to compensate for the damages caused.
If the car was severely damaged, you should contact the staff of CAROMOTO for further instructions on the insurance case.
Vehicle price Maximum refund
$0 - $10000 $1000
$10000 - $20000 $2000
$20000 - $30000 $3000
$30000 - $40000 $4000
$40000 - $50000 $5000
more than $50000 By agreement


Yes, you will have to pay registration fees when unloading at the destination port to the assigned port agent.
Destination port agents are CAROMOTO affiliates that operate independently. These fees may vary depending on the agent and the destination port.
Please contact the destination port agent using the information we send you after shipping assignment for your vehicle.
There are two basic ways to deliver vehicles:
Delivery in a standard 40-feet container, usually 3 cars can be loaded.
Ro-Ro (Roll on, Roll off) on internal decks of ships.
For more information about delivery options, please visit the HOW TO BUY section.
We can use any major U.S. port as a departure point for overseas vehicle shipping. Our most frequently used North American ports are:
Los Angeles, CA
Houston, TX
Newark, NJ
Savannah, GA
Miami, FL
Seattle, WA
Toronto, Ontario
The calculator tab displayed at the top of the CAROMOTO site is very helpful and user friendly. Enter your vehicle info and destination port for personalized, real-time shipping costs. Please contact us today to hear more about our very competitive rates for pickup and delivery options.
A standard ocean container can typically fit 3 regular-sized cars, 4 compact cars, or two standard pickup trucks. Please contact us with your destination to get more detailed information about container options.
Yes. Many of the vehicles available at insurance auctions can not be driven or are in an inoperable state. Since shipping is done by transport carrier and/or cargo container, there is no problem shipping these vehicles. Please be ready to coordinate with the delivery driver in order to unload your vehicle upon delivery.
You are responsible for unloading your vehicle. The driver may be able to assist, but you are ultimately responsible.
All documents are sent to the client once the customs are cleared in the U.S. port. We only send documents by courier service and provide you with a tracking number so that you can track the parcel yourself.
Normal delivery time ranges from 5 to 10 days, depending on the customer location.
Title brands indicate whether a used vehicle has sustained damage or might be potentially unsafe to drive. If a vehicle's title has been "branded", it is an official designation made by a state agency and should appear on the vehicle's title paperwork. Neither individuals nor private companies can brand titles.
While title brands vary by state, some of the most common ones include:
Salvage, Junk, Totaled, Lemon, Flood, Salvage, Rebuild
A "rebuilt" title is a brand that reflects a history where a vehicle had previously been branded as salvage (repairable), but has since been rebuilt and passed inspection by the appropriate state agency. A Rebuilt brand remains on a vehicle’s title permanently, but the vehicle can still be registered and insured.
CAROMOTO does not guarantee that any branded titles can be rebuilt in any particular state or country. Please contact your local DMV with questions about transfering a branded title in your state of residency.
To ship the purchased vehicle by sea, we require the following documents:
* Certificate of Ownership (TITLE)
* Sale and Purchase Agreement (Bill of Sale)
* Invoice
All of the above documents we give to an agent at the departure port. The agent books a space on a ship, issues the bill of lading and carries out the customs clearance.
Upon completion of customs clearance, we will send all documents by express mail service.
When sending vehicles by sea the following documents are issued: Title, Bill of Sale, Bill of Lading.
All documents above will be sent to you by courier as soon as equipment passes customs at the port of departure in the United States.
A copy of the bill of lading can be downloaded in My Cars/Documents.

Below is a list of certificates with which you can safely buy and export from America:

All States Salvage Certificates;
All States Non-Repairable Certificates (except from NY/NJ);
Notarized BILL OF SALE from All States When Car is 25+ years old;
Original Disposal Authority Certificate signed by judge;
Affidavit Of Abandonment;
Affidavit Of Repossession;
FL  - Certificate of Destruction;
IL  - Junking Certificate;
IA  – Scrap Certificate of Title;
MS  - Affidavit of Abandonment;
NY  - Bill of Sale, if vehicle is older than 1973;
NH  - Bill of Sale, if vehicle is 15 years or older;
RI - Bill of Sale, if vehicle is manufactured in 2000 or older;
NY – MV907A ( if DMV record does not show previous title active or lien);
NY - MV907A - Parts Only;
GUAM - Certificate Of Ownership;

In addition to certificates for cars that are acceptable for export from the United States and those that are not suitable for export, there are those that require additional processing time and paperwork costs:

CO  - BILL OF SALE - PARTS ONLY - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
WI  - JUNKED VEHICLE - BILL OF SALE - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
GA  - BILL OF SALE - PARTS ONLY - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
GA  - BILL OF SALE - PARTS ONLY - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
CA  - ACQ - BILL OF SALE - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
KY - CERT OF REGISTARTION - JUNKED VEHICLE - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
KY - BILL OF SALE - PARTS ONLY - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
CT - BILL OF SALE - PARTS ONLY - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
RI - Bill of Sale - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
WA - Bill of Sale - 2-3 weeks $150;
NH - BILL OF SALE - up to 2 months $250 - $500;
AK  - Bill of Sale –JUNK up to 2 months $250 - $500;
MN - Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 4 weeks) $250 - $500;
NC  - Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 2 weeks) $250 - $500;
MD - VR-112 - $500 (approx. 4 weeks);
OH  - Bill of Sale – Destruction Only (approx. 2-4 weeks) $250 - $500;
SC  - Disposal Authority Certificate (approx. 3 weeks);
TN  - Bill of Sale – Parts Only (approx. 7 weeks) $250;
CA - APP FOR DUP CLEAN OR AC - $250 - $500 (up to 2 months);
DC – Government Parts Only - Salvage;
NY - MV-37 – Dismantle or Scrap - $250 - $500 2-4 weeks;
NY - MV50 - $250 - $500 2-4 weeks;
NY  – MV907A ( if DMV records shows active title or open lien record, then we have to apply for new title in order to remove that record. It could take 1-2 weeks - $250);
CT  – Ownership Transfer from Salvage – (approx. 3 weeks) Application for duplicate title (can be rejected by the DMV for requiring inspections that would require the car to be fixed or past registration fees can be required to be paid which if not done will result in no
title being sent);
Lien Sale Documents – 4 - 6 weeks;
US Government Certificate to obtain a title (approx. 2 weeks);
MCO – Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (approx. 2 weeks);
Planned non-operation (PNO REGISTRATION) - up to 2 months $500

List of certificates UNACCEPTABLE for export:

LIEN PAPERS - Not possible receive a title until the loan will have fully paid off;
DE – Parts Only;
IN – Bill of Sale - Parts Only;
MD  - Parts Only – No Title Letter;
MI – Scrap – Bill of Sale;
MT  – Bill of Sale - Parts Only;
NY – Bill of Sale;
NY - MV907A - Parts Only W/Lien holder;
NY - MV-37 – Dismantle or Scrap;
FL – Cash for Clunkers;
HI – Bill of Sale - Parts Only;
CA  - Acquisition Bill Of Sale;
CT - Bill Of Sale - Salvage;
Canadian title and/or registration and/or Parts only;

List of ineligibles for registration in Poland

Non-repairable, Non-rebuildable (pol. nienadający się do naprawy),
Total Damage (pol. całkowicie zniszczony),
Certificate of Destruction (pol. świadectwo, protokół zniszczenia),
Junk, For Junk (pol. śmieć),
For-parts, Parts Only (pol. na części).
Все с записью FLOOD

If you want to buy a vehicle, which you found yourself on the Internet, then you can select ORDER in your personal account to get a special application.
You must specify the name of the vehicle, year, mileage, VIN number, a link to the resource, where the vehicle is located and the amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle selected.
We will contact the seller as soon as possible and inform you about the possibility of buying the vehicle.
It does not matter where you buy the car; the important thing is that a car has all the necessary documents, does not have a security interest (lein) and has not been stolen.
All information about cars from the auctions is presented on our website - it is the official information.
To check the authenticity of the information on the vehicle, registered users can enter the VIN number in the AutoCheck tool on the CAROMOTO website to receive a complimentary vehicle history report. You can also purchase a CARFAX report as an additional source, or purchase a PSI for the vehicle.
Our company is officially registered at auctions and provides only official information about bidding and lots presented by auctions in the United States.
There are independent companies that can make a detailed and professional vehicle inspection before buying it for fixed rates ($100-$500)
We recommend the services of AIM for a pre-sale inspection:
You can download an example report by following the link. Inspections of the vehicle are made according to 155 points, with an additional test drive.
When you buy a vehicle outside the auction, this service is a very important tool to verify seller information. Orders must be made at least 1 day prior to the date of purchase of the chosen vehicles. To order this service, go to your personal account, under ORDER section select "Order paid inspection". Or, you can use this service by registering online

An additional service for US clients is a Post-Sale Inspection, that is available at select auctions. A Post-Sale Inspection is an additional inspection conducted by the auction company that serves to reduce the risk of any damages missed during the initial vehicle inspection. We highly recommend this service to our US clients, because if there is any additional significant damage found, you can choose to return the vehicle for a refund or request payment for the repair. Please contact CAROMOTO Sales to ask about a Post-Sale Inspection for your purchased vehicle. 

If you are not a US resident and the vehicle will be exported, you are exempt from paying US sales tax.
If you are a US resident of any state outside WA, you will have to pay sales tax to your state of residency when you title and/or register your vehicle. If you are a resident of WA state, we will collect sales tax as determined by the address indicated on your drivers license and your total invoice amount. In this case, sales tax and title application/registration fees of $350 will be itemized on your invoice and payable directly to CAROMOTO. We will process your title and registration with WA DOL.

In addition to English, our client service representatives speak Polish, Russian, German and Arabic.